Naruto 661 – Naruto Chapter 661 Raw

Kishi did this with the Bijuu by having them all swatted down before his sealing started Naruto 661 manga. Any moment from now, naruto 661 spoiler and naruto manga 661 scans will came out of course thanks to Ohana and 2ch forum for naruto 661 raw and mangazone for the naruto 661 English scans. Personally i love how madara jumped head first into a battle against the bijuu with no eyes , right after declaring “im coming for you, beasts”

madara just doesnt give a fuck, he is a monster and has no fear, he literally thinks he can win this thing by himself, honestly im pulling for him

naruto manga 661

naruto manga 661

Gaara and Shukaku are friends now. But I guess we’ll have to wait to find out what Kurama’s plan was since Madara has got him now. I liked seeing one of the past Jinchuuriki and his interactions with the Ichibi. I guess it’s good to know that there have been other people who were like the Sage of the Six Paths and didn’t think that the Bijuu were simply beings that are full of hate and that they can be saved. And having the two separate kanji on the old man’s hands be able to be put together to form the one kanji on Gaara’s forehead was a nice touch. I really like the Shukaku/Garaa development. Wonder who that old monk was and his master too! And so the tattoo that was on his hand is also on Garaa’s forehead? It means love or something right? Cba to look it up atm. Still disliking Madara’s OPness.

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Naruto Chapter 661 – Madara’s Chain of Evil

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